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Good news for the Kurobas fandom! Kuroko no Basuke is getting an otome/dating game. Bad news for some of you, however, is that it’s going to be Korean. It’s called Justice Miracle Rangers (I’m not even kidding). It puts a sort of supernatural spin on the Kuroko no Basuke cast along with crime fighting and what not. It’s still in production and is set to be released in summer 2013 (around August, apparently). Anywayy, here’s a translation of the Story section on the official website~


Teikou Institute is a secret government agency that has been formed in response to the increasing number of terrorist attacks in the last two years. A confidential group made up of a group of youth with supernatural powers is operated by Teikou. These Miracle Rangers fight against terrorism to protect world peace, and yet…

In a peaceful world is a student at Seirin High, an average young woman by the name of Shirasagi Rei (name changeable) who is suddenly contacted by Teikou after taking the mandatory “special proficiency test”. Which means that Rei also has a supernatural ability that could be of use to Teikou. Thus, despite being enrolled at Seirin, our heroine is forced to attend Teikou Institute’s specialized class. Rei has become one of the Miracle Rangers.

Will she be able to keep the peace of the world!?

I’ll be translating the character information soon and posting any new information about the series in the justice miracle rangers tag if anyone wants to track that~ ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

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